2014 Competition Was A Success!!

The University of Waterloo Clean Snowmobile Team is happy to announce our ninth place standings at this year’s Clean Snowmobile Challenge in Houghton, MI! After a full week of hard work and determination, along with much support from our friends and sponsors, we are very proud to have been awarded the Aristo Intelligent Catalyst Technology Award for Most Improved Snowmobile, along with $1000 to boot!

2014 Update

So please excuse us for our lack of posting as we have been hard at work the last couple months! So here's a rundown of some things that have happend!

2013 Recap!

WOW has it been a while or what?!

In the first week of March, Casey, Mohammed, Nick and Vangie as well as our Faculty Advisor Prof. Peter Teertstra had a very successful week at the Clean Snowmobile Challenge in Houghton MI. We placed 4th in acceleration and in in-service Emmissions, as well as 5th in the cost event. Coming 9th overall the team is looking for a young and bright future in the coming years. To read more read our Iron Warrior Article.